In 2013 we celebrated our 25th Anniversary, the result of our commitment to professional principles such as quality and service.

Built on these standards our COMPANY is characterised by its stability and respectability: PESCADOS FORMENTOR was founded with the support of MACROPESCA Import–Export in Madrid.
We are situated in MERCAPALMA near the Airport in Coll d´en Rabassa. We dedicate ourselves to the sale and distribution of fresh and frozen fish as well as seafood of excellent quality:

Our clients are fishmongers and markets. German, Asian and conventional restaurants and many more. Bars and hotels, Shopping centres, shipping companies, yachts etc.
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Our Products

  • Guilthead bream, seabass and turbot
    from national fish farms.
  • Norwegian salmon
  • Cantabrian hake
  • Shellfish from Galicia
  • Tuna from the Atlantic and the Indian Ocean
  • King prawns and prawn tails from Central America
  • Crayfish and monkfish from the United Kingdom
  • Sole from Holland
  • Squid, cuttlefish, octopus, large red prawns and Moroccan prawns (from the Saharan fishing grounds)
  • King prawns and BLACK TIGER prawns from China, Vietnam and India.
  • Lobsters and lobster tails from Cuba

About us...

Our delivery shipping 2

Our delivery shipping

Our Distribution Area

Our Distribution Area 3

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Our Offices

Norwegian Salmon

Entry and Fridge Area

Cantabrian hake

Red Tuna, Norwegian Salmon and Clams from Galicia

Lobster and variety of crab

Prawns and Gambón

Galician Monkfish

Crayfish from United Kingdom

King Prawn Black Tiger

Octopus and Large Red Prawns


King Prawn Tails

Smoked Salmon, Anchovies and Caviar Substitute

Sole from Holland

Lobster Tail


National Squid